About Martine Penilla Group, LLP

Intellectual Property Focus

Based in Silicon Valley, Martine Penilla Group, LLP (MPG) is a specialized intellectual property (IP) firm, with a focus on patent preparation and prosecution before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  Many of our attorneys have prior litigation experience, which assists us in preparing patents that can stand the rigor of litigation.  Our firm attorneys are also skilled in handling Post Grant Proceedings (PGP) before the USPTO.   PGPs are actions brought before the USPTO to challenge the validity of claims in U.S. patents, instead of resorting to much more costly litigation before a U.S. district court.

Counseling Services

MPG provides counseling in regard to patentability, establishing/managing patent programs to protect a company's IP, and processes for obtaining detailed disclosures that lead to well drafted patent applications.

IP is Global

Our client base extends to large and small companies in the United States of America as well as international companies established throughout Asia and Europe. Our dedicated group of professionals is experienced in both US patent laws and international patent laws and regulations, which enable us to render high quality work product at reasonable rates.

Changing Legal Landscape

Patent law has become a dynamically changing landscape which has experienced many law changes over the recent years. Most notably, the recent enactment of the America Invents Act (AIA) of 2011 and Supreme Court decisions in 2014, have changed many of the best practices for how patents should be prepared and prosecuted.  MPG is continually studying such changes and we continually update our procedures and counseling to ensure that our clients are aware of changing laws and suggested procedures to protect our clients' innovations.

Range of Services

MPG is organized and structured to deliver high quality patent services to large, small and start-up companies desiring to maintain and build a quality patent portfolio. MPG has a proven track record of consistently securing patent protection for its clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies and technology start-ups.  Since 1998, MPG has issued thousands of U.S. patents and foreign patents. Of course, each organization has special needs, and MPG provides flexible service arrangements to ensure that each client receives their desired end result within set budget constraints. The members of the firm not only provide quality legal work, but also take pride in the relationships established with each client.

MPG and the Product Cycle

Many of our professionals have experience working for corporate legal and business departments, which gives us an inside perspective into our client's business needs.  This unique perspective of both patent law and business enables MPG to consistently deliver work product that both meets budgetary and legal protection goals.  We are dedicated to learning your business, and our integration into the "Product Cycle" is key to achieving strategic protection for your innovations.