MPG is a boutique law firm specializing in intellectual property (IP), with a focus on patent preparation, prosecution and post grant proceedings before the USPTO.

Our group of professionals is highly skilled in the art of patent prosecution, and our consistent high quality work product at competitive rates has made MPG a "go-to" firm for many of Silicon Valley's well known technology companies. MPG also has an established international patent practice, which is highly regarded by our client companies in Asia, Europe and throughout the world.

The Post Grant Proceedings (PGP) group at MPG has an excellent track record of aggressively handling post grant matters before the USPTO. Attorneys working in the PGP group of MPG are seasoned practioners with decades of USPTO experience and knowledge of procedural rules established to expedite proceedings after the 2011 enactment of the America Invents Act (AIA). MPG often partners with litigation firms handling ongoing or contemplated litigation, as systematic coordination is required so that consistent positions can be maintained throughout a post grant process. MPG's experience with post grant matters and small firm structure translate into substantial cost savings for the client.

Exemplary Service

MPG is organized and structured to deliver high quality patent services to large, small and start-up companies desiring to maintain and build a quality patent portfolio.

Our team is also experienced in handling cases for Petitioners and Patent Owners wishing to challenge or defend patent claims in post grant proceedings in the USPTO (e.g., Inter Partes Reviews, Post Grant Reviews, Covered Business Method Proceedings, and Ex Parte Reexaminations).

MPG has a proven track record of consistently securing patent protection for its clients, which include Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized companies and technology start-ups.

We speak your technology language

Protecting your IP investment is our specialty

Prosecution requires a comprehensive understanding of technology. Our attorneys hold undergraduate and advanced degrees that include Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Material, Computer and Computer Science Engineering, as well as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and other technical degrees.

We are engineers... and we have the patent know-how to protect your innovation.

Client Access

MPG Conference RoomLocated in the heart of Silicon Valley, we provide cost effective face-to-face disclosure meetings. Our innovative processing of our work flow also translates into higher quality work and time savings that are routinely passed on to our clients.

Client Benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to our Internet Client Access portal for on-demand case information
  • Electronic filings with the USPTO
  • Electronic billing and integration with client systems
  • Integrated and secure file systems
  • Encryption for sensitive email communications

International Patents and Trademarks

An important consideration in the development of an intellectual property portfolio is the need for worldwide protection.

The firm assists clients to obtain worldwide trademark protection by filing directly in foreign countries.

We have a world-wide network to secure your foreign protection.


Legal & Business Knowledge

Many of our professionals have experience working for corporate legal and business departments, which gives us an inside perspective into our client's business needs. This unique perspective of both patent law and business enables MPG to consistently deliver work product that meets budgetary and legal protection goals.

MPG Firm Overview

Post Grant Proceedings

What Clients Want

Because we have a deep understanding of how small and large clients operate, we provide:

  • Services meeting client company guidelines
  • On-line secure access to your company records
  • Client-specific action item reporting
  • E-mail reminders and notifications
  • Encrypted communications
  • Electronic billing
  • Custom billing rates
We Are Here to Serve

We pride ourselves on consistently providing the highest quality work product, attention to detail, and attentiveness to client needs. MPG invites you to contact us to see if we can empower your business with the competitive edge that a strong patent protection program can provide.